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Council Meeting Agenda - November 12, 2014

Council Members

Ted Buczek 
Dan Fritz 
Steve Richman 
Gary Sherck 
Paul Stanard
Monica Sturgis, President





Call Meeting to Order

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading and Disposal of the Journal
  3. Action upon any matter which any resident may wish to present to Council (Please limit your comments to two minutes)
  4. Reports and Communications from the Mayor & Other Municipal Officials
  5. Appointments & Confirmations
  6. Communications, Petitions & Claims
  7. Reports of Committees
  8. Approval of Bonds, Contracts, Plats, Etc.
  9. Ordinances & Resolutions
    A. Ord. 2014-66 an ordinance authorizing change order no. 1 with apex construction & management, inc. for the moreland hills community building improvements and declaring an emergency.

    B. Ord. 2014-67 an ordinance authorizing change order no. 1 with ronyak paving, inc. for the 2013 asphalt pavement program and declaring an emergency.

    C. Ord. 2014-68 an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement between the cuyahoga county juvenile court, cuyahoga county and the village of moreland hills for participation in the juvenile court community diversion program and declaring an emergency.

    D. Ord. 2014-69 an ordinance authorizing a request to the ohio board of building standards to enforce the residential code of ohio within the village of moreland hills, ohio.

    E. Ord. 2014-70 an ordinance amending chapter 1365 of the building code to apply the international property maintenance code to residential properties and declaring an emergency.

    F. Ord. 2014-71 an ordinance enacting new section 1313.24 of the building code to establish a lot completion deposit requirement and declaring an emergency.

    G. Ord. 2014-72 an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with medical mutual for the provision of health care insurance to village employees, at the total estimated monthly cost of $26,893.91 and declaring and emergency.

    H. Ord. 2014-73 an ordinance providing additional appropriations, transferring items already appropriated and declaring an emergency.

    I. Ord. 2014-74 an ordinance establishing the temporary appropriations for the first quarter of the fiscal year of 2015 for the village of moreland hills, and declaring an emergency.

    J. Res. 2014-75 a resolution requesting the county fiscal officer to make advances from the proceeds of real and personal property tax levies and special assessments during the fiscal year 2015 pursuant to the oho revised code section 321.34 and declaring an emergency.
  10. Miscellaneous Business:
    A. By Members of Council
    B. By Any Resident
  11. Adjournment

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