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Lasagna Gardening

After experiencing an unusually severe winter, Moreland Hills gardening enthusiasts can be seen excitedly perusing seed catalogs, anticipating the pleasures of a summer garden. For those searching for an easier, greener* way to have a productive garden, Patricia Lanza’s book “Lasagna Gardening” offers an exciting alternative to conventional, more labor-intensive methods. Lanza describes her gardening method as a no till, no dig, no weeding means to achieve a bountiful garden. Having been a more conventional gardener for many years, she accidentally discovered maximum productivity when her circumstances prevented having time to do the usual labor.

Lasagna Gardening gets its name from the alternate layers, (resembling the food lasagna) of peat moss and organic materials i.e. newspapers, compost, chopped leaves, grass clippings, wood ashes. These layers break down into fertile, crumbly soil which nourishes and supports the growth of plants. Lanza takes her readers through the fundamentals and details of planning and establishing a Lasagna Garden.

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