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Coyote Safety Tips


The best way to avoid conflict between your dog and a coyote is to stay vigilant and know how to react when you see one.  Below are a few tips on what to do if YOU AND YOUR DOG encounter a coyote:


·       Leash your dog. Pick up and carry small dogs. It is important to have full control over  your dog so that they do not run toward, away from, or otherwise engage the coyote

·        Stand tall and assertive. Coyotes are wary of humans and your presence is usually enough to drive off a coyote. Maintain eye contact. Do not turn your back on the coyote and do not run. Running away can trigger a coyote’s prey drive and may cause him or her to chase you.

·       Haze the coyote until it leaves the area.  While this may seem abusive or unkind, every coyote advocate will agree, the kindest thing you can do for a coyote is to scare it away, especially if he or she is overly curious about dogs. Keeping up a coyote’s natural fear of humans is the only way to keep urban coyotes alive, for a coyote that becomes too brazen is sure to end up euthanized.

  • Outside of pupping season (between August and January) haze the coyote by yelling, stomping your feet, flashing a flashlight, tossing rocks or branches at the ground near the coyote and anything else that will frighten the coyote off.

  • If it is breeding and pupping season (between February and July) you may be near a den and considered a threat. It is important not to haze coyotes as normal, because coyotes will defend their den site. The best thing to do is to slowly and calmly walk away without ever turning your back on the coyote. Stay tall and assertive as you leave the area, even if it means walking backwards.


·       Report overly brazen coyotes. If a coyote comes too close, follows you for too long, acts overly assertive or does not respond to hazing, report the coyote to Village authorities. The coyote may have become habituated to humans or is being fed by someone, which can result in aggressive behavior.  

  • Take steps to keep coyotes away from your neighborhood and your pets safe at home.

  • Do not let your pet outside alone, especially at night.

  • Do not keep pet food outside.

  • Haze coyotes every time you see them, regardless of if you have a pet with you (unless it is during pupping season).

  • Avoid having any attractants in your yard, which means picking up fallen fruit from trees, cleaning the BBQ grill, securing lids on trash cans, covering your compost piles, and removing anything else that might be a food, water, or shelter source for coyotes.


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