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Ordinances & Resolutions

The following Ordinances & Resolutions were passed in May:

Ordinance 2015-14 – amends sections of the Planning and Zoning Code to allow the Building Commissioner to administratively approve applications to construct or alter small accessory buildings and/or structures which fully comply with all applicable zoning requirements, without requiring Planning Commission review.

Ordinance 2015-15 – amends provisions of the Codified Ordinances to clarify the manner in which the front yard setback is measured on public streets. It will be measured from the street right-of-way line abutting the property owner’s property.

Ordinance 2015-16 – enacts Section 1151.19, ‘Streets,” of Chapter 1151, “U-1 Dwelling House District Regulations” of the Codified Ordinances. The Village prohibits private streets in its Open Space Conservation district; however, there was an omission in the Codified Ordinances that left out that prohibition for the Dwelling House District. This ordinance will correct that omission.

Ordinance 2015-17 – amends Section 1173.01, “Topsoil Removal” of the Codified Ordinances to ensure for the proper review and approval of measures that change land contours.

Ordinance 2015-34 – amends section 141.01, “Composition” of the Codified Ordinances to create a full-time Detective position.

Ordinance 2015-35 – fixes the compensation of various officers and employees of the Village of Moreland Hills. A pay range was added for the new full-time detective position.

Ordinance 2015-36 – confirms the appointment by the Mayor of Scott A. Williams as a full-time Detective.

Ordinance 2015-37 – authorizes Change Order No. 3 with Apex Construction & Management Inc. for the Community Building Improvements Project. This final change order closes out the project and includes increases and decreases in the work for a net decrease amount of $3,784.99.

Ordinance 2015-38 – authorizes compensation for Sixmo Inc., for services as consulting architect on the Community Building project in the total amount of $12,330.00.

Ordinance 2015-39 – authorizes the Mayor to enter into a contract with Barbicas Construction for the 2015 Asphalt Pavement Program for the amount of $541,743.20.

Ordinance 2015-40 – adopts guidelines for the operation of a Community Garden at Forest Ridge Preserve.

Ordinance 2015-41 – authorizes the Mayor to enter into a worker’s compensation group rating agreement with CompManagement, LLC, for an annual fee not to exceed $1,200.00.

Ordinance 2015-42 – an appropriations ordinance, which is a monthly financial housekeeping item.

Ordinance 2015-43 – confirming the appointment by the Mayor of Thomas Pate as a full time patrol officer.

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