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Green Tips

It’s the middle of winter and the landscape is rather bleak. It is the perfect time to plan an eco-friendly makeover for your yard. Housing development destroys a million acres of habitat each year in the U.S. alone, but you can help reverse the damage by turning your lawn into a haven for birds, butterflies and bees. Here are some tips for beautifying your garden the natural way.

1) Go native. Visit the US Forest Service site Gardening with Wildflowers or National Wildlife Federation’s native plants database to find a list of plants native to our region.

2) Give wildlife what they need. National Wildlife Federation lists the elements you need to provide to wildlife: food, water, cover and a place to raise young. Birdbaths, flowering plants, and bee houses are just a few of the potential elements of a wildlife-friendly yard.

3) Avoid chemicals. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides can harm the organisms that protect and enrich your garden: toads, bees, birds and more. Learn organic gardening methods like composting and companion planting to eliminate the need for chemicals. Check out this site for great tips:

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