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Underage Drinking

No one wants to see a tragedy brought on by underage alcohol consumption. Too many parents have already buried their children as a result of it.

Some adults allow teenage drinking at parties in their homes because they may be in denial or even unaware of the keg law*. They may also feel powerless to stop it, so they give in to it. Teen drinking is not a harmless rite of passage; it is ILLEGAL, and potentially DANGEROUS!

Adults are supposed to be role models. Lying for your children to protect them only teaches them to lie. Our children are losing respect for us. When parents give into a problem, it becomes the norm!

Is this what we really want for our kids? Our children’s safety is at risk every time WE act irresponsibly.

A “NO-USE” rule for minors takes courage.

Parents, do you have the courage?


*Ohio Revised Code – Title [43] XLIII Liquor, Chapter 4301 Liquor Control Law, Section 4301.69 Underage Persons offenses concerning.

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