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Pollinators are vital to keeping fruits, nuts, and vegetables in our diets. Our hardest-working partners in the garden are the insect pollinators, bees and butterflies. They are not only industrious, fascinating and beautiful; they are running out of time. Bees and butterflies are endangered by habitat loss and pesticide use. Whether you are a constant gardener or an occasional putterer, you can help throw them a lifeline. We at Village Hall will do our part by replacing a planting bed which has always contained annuals with perennials that help sustain butterflies and bees. Some of the plants we will be using are: Echinacea (purple cone flower), several varieties of milkweed, liatris, goldenrod, and butterfly weed. The flowers are really quite beautiful. So if you are thinking about changing some part of your garden or planting bed, please consider using plants that support bees and butterflies. Also, please stop using Round Up which has been shown to have long-term disastrous effects on bees and butterflies. There are more eco-friendly alternatives which can be found using an internet search.

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