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Phone: 440.248.1188                   

Mayor Daniel Fritz has lived in the Village of Moreland Hills since 1998. He is proud graduate of Orange High School class of 1986. Mayor Fritz attended Ohio University where he met his wife Colleen. They have three children Jarrod, Jake and Hadlie all of whom have graduated or will graduate from the Chagrin Falls School District. Having personally experienced both school systems, Mayor Fritz brings a fresh perspective relative to the issues facing both districts.

An avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast, Mayor Fritz has a deep appreciation for the environment. As such he is committed to addressing issues within the village with this important philosophy at the forefront. A member of Village Council for 12 years, he was present and assisted in efforts to secure Forest Ridge and to ensure our Village continued to be a steward of environmental protectionism. Our zoning is a cherished attribute that our residents value. Mayor Fritz understands that our goal of preservation is a comprehensive and intricate strategy that must be based on a solid legal foundation. He was present in Columbus to witness our Village argue the landmark Jaylin versus Moreland Hills case. His association with the legal team arguing on behalf of our Village was an educational experience he doesn’t take lightly.

Mayor Fritz is fiscally conservative and is proud that over the past 8 years Village Council and the Mayor have worked collaboratively to provide outstanding services while increasing the village’s “rainy day” fund. This exceptional financial outlook is not the work of one elected official. Attaining this goal is only possible with a tone of civility and hard work between the Mayor and members of Council.

Mayor Fritz is a career firefighter/paramedic and has risen through the ranks in several fire departments. He was promoted to the role of Lieutenant early in his career and was later promoted to Captain and then to Assistant Fire Chief. His father was the Fire Chief in Orange Village for 25 years and continues to be a source of inspiration regarding Mayor Fritz’s role in public service. We are fortunate to be protected by a police department that is equipped and trained to a level many communities are not able to attain. Additionally, our fire and EMS coverage provided by the Chagrin Falls Fire Department ensures that our residents are protected by one of the best trained and equipped departments in the county. Mayor Fritz was instrumental in addressing some response time issues at our village’s western border. The collaborative efforts between our Village and the Chagrin Falls Fire Department continues to foster enhancements that make our residents safer.

Mayor Fritz believes in transparency and a proactive approach toward advising our residents of the issues we face as a local community and by decisions made in Columbus. He meets with our elected representatives to ensure our interests are heard. That philosophy must also exist in his own office. Residents are encouraged to contact Village Hall in order to schedule time to chat one on one with Mayor Fritz. Additionally he is eager to meet with neighborhood groups and address specific clubs and organizations regarding issues we currently face or may face in the future.

We live in an amazing village with beautiful resources. Mayor Fritz is here to ensure we maintain the character of Moreland Hills and continue its long history of exceptional governance. 

Sherri Arrietta, Mayor’s Administrative Assistant/Clerk of Council

Sherri Arrietta serves as both the Mayor’s Administrative Assistant and the Clerk of Council and has worked for the Village since 2012. Sherri worked for the City of Beachwood Building Department for over 10 years before choosing to be a stay-at-home mom for six years.

Sherri lives in Mayfield Heights with her husband Jay, two sons Nick and Sonny, and her dogs, Bella and Bruno.

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