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A Message from Mayor Susan C. Renda

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Residents have had to pay income tax in Moreland Hills since 1977; the rate has remained steady at 1% percent since then. Over 90% of the Communities in Cuyahoga County have a higher tax rate than Moreland Hills and 17 communities have a tax rate that is higher than 2%.  Only 6 of the 56 communities in the county have a tax rate of 1% or less. Mr. Shah explained that 72% of the village’s revenues come from income tax on the residents, 17% comes from property taxes, and the remaining revenue comes from various other sources including interest income, licenses, fees, etc. When computing property tax rates as a percentage of market value, Moreland Hills’ rate is in about the middle of all the communities in the county. Given the largely residential nature of the village, maintaining the roads and the police and service departments falls to the residents.

I know this is not good news but it is the reality of the situation. Council and the administration will continue to discuss the issue of timing, amount and type of taxes. However, I want to let you know that asking you, the residents, for a tax increase is no longer a matter of “if” but “when.”

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