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Parks Corner - Community Composting



With the “Back to School season” upon us, we know this time can start to get busy with kid's activities and juggling work schedules and school schedules, but now more than ever we hope our residents will take advantage of our green spaces. Nothing is better for the soul than taking a quick stroll in nature. 

As you head out to enjoy our parks, don't forget that you can take your food scraps and dispose of them at the Village compost bins located next to the Community Garden in Village Park at Forest Ridge Preserve.

Composting is a fabulous way to make your food scraps into soil and keep the landfills free of rotting food and from emitting methane. Just remember that the food scraps are to be dumped directly into the bins without plastic bags or aluminum foil. Those items are NOT compostable.  Items that can be composted include; leaves/grass clippings, dead flowers/plants, shredded paper/newspaper, straw/hay/sawdust/woodchips, nutshells, coffee grounds, tealeaves, fruits, vegetables, grains, and eggshells.   

Residents can also utilize the finished compost once it is ready (please note the signage on the bins to know which one to add the compostable items to and which one may be in process).

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