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Planning & Zoning Submittal Guidelines

For projects that require Planning & Zoning or Board of Zoning approval, proper construction documents and applications must be submitted as detailed below. All applications and documents must be turned into the Building Department on or before the deadline specified in the enclosed list in order to be considered for the next scheduled meeting.

Submittal Packet requirements:
  • Appropriate application with contact information.  Include all applicable contact phone numbers and emails.  BZA applications must be signed by the property owner.
  • Submit two (2) complete sets of elevations/construction drawings/site plans AND a PDF file of all materials.  If plans/documents are larger than 11" x 17" and you are unable to provide files in PDF format, you must submit three (3) complete sets.
  • Email PDF / digital plans and photos as required to 
Required information / details on plans:
  • Scope of work (if applicable, include details of existing vs. new construction)
  • Plan view
  • All major elevations to scale including dimensions (roof / ridge heights, eve heights etc.)
  • Building cross section
  • Roof plan including all roof pitches
  • Photographs (required) of neighboring, adjacent homes for architectural comparison (submit digitally in .jpg format)
  • Photographs (required) of existing conditions (submit digitally in .jpg format):
    • For new structures; photographs of the location of the new structure from front, rear and both sides.
    • For additions; photographs of the existing structure from front, rear and both sides.
  • Tree / Landscape plan; if applicable a plan of all vegetation / trees that are proposed to stay or be taken down. A plan for all restoration or new landscaping to be installed.
  • Detailed site plan, include the following for new dwellings, additions and any other work that require site grading or is located in a hillside. For Non-Residential (Commercial) projects contact the Village Engineer for details (Jeff Filarski 440-399-0810). For smaller projects Contact the Building Commissioner for requirements based on proposed project (Paul Kowalczyk, 440-248-1188).
  • Stamp and Seal of Professional Engineer or Surveyor
  • Benchmark tied to CRGS elevation datum
  • Adjacent home first floors and setbacks from property lines
  • Setbacks from Property lines and R/W
  • Label parcel size, property line distances, bearings and corner markers
  • Size and locations of utility and sewer connections, and sizes of utilities in R/W
  • Sewer inverts of upstream and downstream manholes
  • One ft. contours for flat lots, two foot contours for hilly lots
  • Basement, first floor and garage elevations
  • Spot elevations (exist and proposed) at house corners and spot elevations to adequately define drainage paths
  • Drive culvert size and type (Minimum 12”, 25 ft. long)
  • Sanitary test tee detail for lots with sewer connection, trench detail showing 6” stone under and 12” stone over sanitary pipe
  • For lots with catch basins in yard or drive, provide elevation information and detail of basin
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) conforming to Chapter 971 of the Codified Ordinances.
  • For lots with sanitary sewer connections, include note “Contact Village Engineer 48 hours prior to installation of sanitary sewer to arrange for inspection”
  • Other details may be necessary for particular lots. Village Engineer will note these on plan review.

If construction documents / plans are not recommended for approval by the Village Architect a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled Planning meeting, the project will be delayed until the next Planning meeting.

Building approval / permit is contingent upon the Village of Moreland Hills Planning Commission, Village Engineer, & SWP3 approval, if required. Any changes to the approved plans required by the Planning Commission may need to be seen again at the next meeting. Revised construction documents must also be reviewed and approved by the Building Commissioner prior to a permit being issued.

If you have additional questions contact the Village of Moreland Hills Building Department at 440-248-1188.

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