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Police Department Services

The Moreland Hills Police Department has ‘Emergency Number Stickers’ that you can put on your telephone. Please call the Police Department to request one 440.248.7585 or email  and one will be sent to you.

To contact the Police Department after office hours, which are 8:00-4:00pm please call 440-247-7321 (Non-Emergency Dispatch number). For all emergencies dial 911.

Traffic Bureau

All waiverable traffic citations may be paid at the Moreland Hills Police Department by CASH or CHECK ONLY. Waiverable offenses are to be paid within one week from date of issuance, in order to avoid appearance at Bedford Court.


All criminal complaints are reviewed and handled with the appropriate course of action in accordance with Local, State and Federal Laws. If an individual has a question regarding a complaint, please contact the police department to discuss any concerns you may have with a police officer.

Juvenile/Diversion Purpose

The Moreland Hills Community Diversion Program was established in 1999. The program allows law enforcement and parents and juveniles to work together within the community to deal with youthful offenders rather than having an official filing with Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. The program allows juvenile officers and community magistrates to be directly involved with the juvenile and the family. The program provides the opportunity to utilize different agencies to work together to provide the best possible assistance to youthful offenders.

  • Referral: Generally any juvenile who becomes involved with the police will be eligible as a first time offender for referral to the diversion program. Any felony or serious drug offense will be automatically referred to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court system. Other referrals to the diversion program may be received from Orange Schools, parents or others with knowledge of a criminal offense involving a juvenile.
  • Hearings: All juveniles who are referred to the diversion program will have a hearing with a volunteer magistrate and juvenile officer. The juvenile and parents will be notified in writing of the hearing date. Failure to appear for the hearing will result in the case being filed with the Juvenile Court. The volunteer magistrates are residents of Moreland Hills and are attorneys who have been sworn in by a Juvenile Court judge. The hearing does not establish an actual juvenile court record. It does establish a record with the Moreland Hills Police Department, which includes the report, statements and disposition. Once the juvenile is accepted in the program, they must not commit any other offense for one year from the hearing date. If other offences are committed within the one-year period, the original case as well as subsequent complaints will be automatically forwarded to Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.
  • Sanctions: As a result of the diversion hearings, the magistrate will impose sanctions on the juvenile offender, which may include the following: Obey all laws, Attend school, Restitution if appropriate, Referral to other agencies for assistance, Counseling, Supervised community service work, Essay, Curfew, $35.00 administrative fee.  The juvenile officer will monitor all cases until the one-year period has expired. Any violations of the sanctions will result in an immediate filing with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. After the one-year period, the case records will be destroyed.

Contact Ptl. Scott Bennett at the Moreland Hills Police Department for more information. Phone: (440) 248-7585 Fax: (440) 248-6996 Email:

Guardian Program

Guardian Calling is a computer-based program designed for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone, or anyone in our community who needs to be checked on a daily basis.  To sign up for this service, you must fill out a short form with information that the Police Department may need in an emergency. This information is totally confidential; it will be secured at the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center and only be used by the safety forces if needed. Application forms are available through our police department.

Prescription Drug Drop Box Program The Moreland Hills Police Department is a drop off site for the Cuyahoga County Rx Drug Drop Program. If you have any unused, unwanted, or expired prescription drugs, please feel free to bring them to the Police Department, and place them in the secure drop box that is located in the Police Department lobby.


To dispose of these items, please follow these steps:

-Place used needles and syringes in a rigid plastic container with a sealable lid such as a Sharps container or a plastic laundry detergent bottle with a screw top.

- Seal the lid with tape.

- Write "Caution: Sharps" on the container.

- Place the container in your regular trash.

- Do not place the container in with your recyclables.

You can also consider using a mail-back program from Waste Management or Republic Services.  For more information, visit

Code Red

The Village consulted with our Police Department and Cuyahoga County to bring back the Code Red emergency notification system. Code Red is a system that will send you a text, email and voice message that is generated by Moreland Hills Administration. You will not be receiving any banner ads, unsolicited emails or calls from solicitors with this system. There is no download or app required nor is there any cost to our residents.

Code Red will ONLY be used by staff during an emergency or to distribute essential information related to Village services. For example, if we have a watermain break in Pebblebrook we can use Code Red to only contact those residents who live in the affected area. Another example would be an overturned truck carrying hazardous materials that requires notification to the entire Village. Simply put we can cater the message and audience to immediately notify a specific group of residents on important issues that affect their safety and services.

We hope that all residents take a moment to register for this service, which will not be overly invasive and during the registration process one can set up preferences such as text only as opposed to text, email and voice message. If any resident is having trouble registering we can assist at Village Hall. Please contact Sherri at 440.248.1188 if you should require any assistance.   Please click here to sign up for CodeRed.

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