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Recycling Program

Moreland Hills Recycling Program Pickup Guidelines


The Village of Moreland Hills provides weekly curbside recycling for village residents. Combine cans, cartons, glass, paper and boxes plus plastic bottles and jugs loose (unbagged) in the provided wheeled cart.

Recycling is picked up every week on your regular rubbish day. Place the recycling cart at the curb alongside your rubbish cart by 7:00 a.m. on pickup day, but not before 7:00 p.m. on the previous day.  See the Trash Collection page or click here  to determine your collection day. 

Combine these items in your curbside recycling:

  • CANS: Includes all metal food and beverage cans such as pop, beer, soup, vegetable, and tuna. Cans should be emptied, rinsed, and then recycled.

  • CARTONS: Includes milk, juice, soup and broth plus wine cartons. Cartons should be emptied and rinsed. Replace the cap and place in your curbside recycling.


  • GLASS: Includes glass food and beverage bottles and jars. Empty, rinse and replace the lid before recycling. You do not need to remove the label.


  • PAPER & BOXES: All paper and boxes can be recycled, including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, boxes, greeting cards, cereal boxes, cardboard, phone books and clean pizza boxes (if it is greasy, please leave it out). Flatten cardboard items, like cereal boxes, to save space.


  • PLASTIC BOTTLES & JUGS: Any plastic bottles or jugs with a neck or a cap are acceptable and can be placed in your curbside recycling. Examples of some acceptable plastic bottles and jugs are: milk cartons, water bottles, laundry detergent, and shampoo bottles.   Examples of some items that are no longer acceptable are: yogurt containers, margarine tubs, cottage cheese tubs, and peanut butter jars - these items should go in your trash. Acceptable plastic items should be emptied and rinsed.  Replace the cap and put in your curbside recycling.


Click here for the Moreland Hills Recycling Guide for an entire listing of items or for more details about recycling, visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at or

See Recycling FAQs for Cuyahoga County and information on how to recycle properly. Recycle more, recycle better in Moreland Hills.

The Cuyahoga Solid Waste District offers a recycling and disposal search engine for all residents of Cuyahoga County. Find answers to your recycling, disposal and reuse questions by using the “What Do I Do With?” search bar located at the top of every page of at


Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Residents can recycle CFL bulbs (small, twisty bulbs) for free at any Home Depot or Lowe's store. Other types of bulbs, including fluorescent tubes, can be recycled at any Batteries+Bulbs retail location. See also

Battery Recycling

Recycle rechargeable batteries for free at retail locations throughout Cuyahoga County. See a list of locations at See also


Recycle old, unwanted household computer equipment year-round at 4350 SOM Center Road including CPU's, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, terminals, modems, software and other peripheral devices and accessories. Hours are Monday-Friday from 7:00-3:00. Televisions are not accepted.

Clothing & Household Goods

The Village has signed an agreement with Simple Recycling for the collection of “soft materials," such as clothing, toys, small furniture, small appliances, etc. This service will be provided at no cost to the Village and does not replace our normal recycling program.

Pick up days will be the same as your normal rubbish/recycling pick up day.  Simple Recycling will provide each resident with bags to put your materials in and stickers to put on larger items, to be put curbside for collection.  When your items are picked-up, they will leave behind the same amount of empty bags for your use the following week.  Feel free to call them with any questions or to request an additional amount of bags at any time. 

For more information, visit or call them at (866) 835-5068.


Household Hazardous Waste

The village has a special collection for household hazardous wastes during the seasonal “Greening the Hills” event. Call the Service Garage for details. Learn more about proper disposal of household hazardous waste and see a list of acceptable materials at

Latex Paint

Latex and any other water-based paint are not hazardous materials, and are not accepted in the village household hazardous waste collection.  Latex paint should be dried out and disposed of in the regular rubbish.  Step by step instructions on how to dry out latex paint is available at


The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office provides an ongoing disposal option for meds. The Sheriff's RX Drug Drop Box Program allows residents to deposit unused, unwanted or expired prescription drugs at drop boxes in participating law enforcement agencies across Cuyahoga County. Drop off medications at the Moreland Hills Police Department or find other locations at

Propane Tanks

Recycle propane tanks and other pressurized cylinders through propane dealers and retail stores that sell propane and other pressurized gas.


When you buy new tires, dispose of your old tires through your tire retailer at the time of purchase. There is a small fee charged for tire disposal, which is a tax used for transporting and disposing of tires through state licensed facilities. If you already have tires at home, contact one of the following store chains who provide tire disposal for non-customers. These include Conrad’s Tire Express, Firestone Auto Care and National Tire and Battery. 


The Village has provided each residence with a large, wheeled recycling cart for you to store your acceptable recycling materials and then wheel out to the curb for collection.

Moving your cart to the curb for collection. Always close the lid before moving the cart. Then grab the handle and use the convenient “tilt and go” design feature (between the wheels at the rear of the cart) to tilt the cart back slightly. Now, safely and easily push or pull the cart. It is designed to withstand dragging, but for ease of use, we suggest you tilt and roll.

Placing your cart out for collection. Your cart should be placed out at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day (see the calendar of collection dates linked above). Your cart should not be placed out before 7:00 p.m. the night before collection day. Place your cart two (2) feet from the roadway with the handles facing your home and with the lid opening facing the street. Please place your cart approximately three (3) feet from your trash cart to allow for proper servicing. Always keep the lid closed to keep animals, rain, snow, and ice out, and to keep the recyclables and odors in. Place your cart away from obstructions such as mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and parked cars so it can be easily serviced.

Removing your cart after collection. To help maintain the appearance of our neighborhoods, please remove your cart promptly after materials have been collected. The cart should be stored inside of a garage or in the rear yard of your property. Be careful not to store your cart close to a furnace, fireplace, grill, or other source of heat.

Caring for your cart. Your recycling cart is designed for ease of maintenance. To clean, simply rinse with water periodically and let it dry in sunshine with the lid open. Do not place paints, solvents, acids, gasoline, hot ashes, medical recyclables, exposed needles, sand, soil, rocks, or concrete in your cart.

For more information about recycling, collections or pickup dates, call the Service Department at (440) 248-1188 or

CHIPPING PROGRAM (April through October)

Chipping of woody materials is offered on the third week of each month starting in April and running through October (click here to see dates). The first 15 minutes will be provided without a charge. Any additional time needed for chipping will be charged at a rate of $30 for each 15 minutes over the allotted time. Place the materials out on driveway apron three (3) days prior to the week of chipping.

Do not place any materials in ditches. Branches must be cut to four (4) foot lengths, stacked in one direction and tied with string. This procedure will allow the Service Department to chip each stack in a most efficient and timely manner. The procedure is also safest in protecting our workers from any injuries. Material that is not neatly bundled will be tagged and cannot be chipped until the requirements are met. The Village cannot chip or dispose of logs greater than 5 in. in diameter, grapevines or thorn bushes, roots, railroad ties, boards, stumps or firewood. You may call Village Hall for wood chips. There will be a $25 delivery fee.


Organic yard waste and clippings are collected on MONDAYS (except on Holidays). Leaves and clippings must be in brown biodegradable recycling bags which are available at any hardware store. Please call (440) 248-1188 the week prior, to arrange to be put on the schedule. Contractors and landscapers are responsible for all debris they generate. Their debris cannot be hauled away by the Village.


In October 2016, the Service Director sent out a letter which informed residents that it is too costly for the Village to start a curb-side leaf collection program, at this time.  He did however, find a few companies that will provide these services to our residents, at a discounted rate:

TRC Landscaping 440-564-1290

H&M Landscaping 440-564-1157

Residents will be required to contact and hire the companies directly and will also be responsible for paying the contractor for their services, based on an hourly rate.

Please call the Moreland Hills Service Department with questions at (440) 248-1188.

Service Department Drop-Off Items:

The following items can be dropped off at the Service Facility, Monday through Friday, from 7:00am-3:00pm:

  • Computers
  • Fluorescent Light bulbs*
  • Household Hazardous Wastes
  • Oil-based Paint**
  • Scrap Tires (only on specific dates; click here to find the date)
  • Medications - Rx Drop Off Box is located in the Police Department Lobby

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District also olds a Household Hazardous Waste round up twice a year.

*Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL's) can also be recycled at Home Depot and Lowe's Home Improvement stores for free.  Home Depot, Lowe's, and Best Buy will also take rechargeable batteries through Call2Recycle, which is part of a nationwide program to recycle rechargeable batteries.  To find a location near you visit or call 1-877-2-RECYCLE.

**If you have latex paint, you can fill the cans with kitty litter or air dry; leave them uncovered until they are dry. Then they can be put out with your regular rubbish.

Any questions regarding what materials you can or cannot put out for pick up can be answered by contacting The Moreland Hills Service Department at (440) 248-1188, or Click Here to read the Moreland Hills Recycling Guide

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