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Rental & Vacant Property Registration

A vacant dwelling must be registered with the Village Building Inspector and the owner of that dwelling is responsible for maintaining the property in accordance with the same standards that we all follow. Vacant property is defined as a dwelling at which all residential occupancy has ceased or which is essentially empty. This requirement is not meant for those who leave their homes for extended periods of time (such as the winter) but return. We felt it necessary to pass this provision because of the increasing number of vacant homes in the Village and the difficulty we have finding the owners when we identify obvious maintenance issues such as peeling paint, missing shutters or grass over six inches long.

Other general maintenance requirements are: foundations must be structurally sound; roofs, gutters and downspouts must be kept in good repair; exterior surfaces must be painted or otherwise sealed; fences, walls and driveways must be maintained so they are not dilapidated; all dwellings must be maintained so that they are free of infestations of insects or rodents; and, finally, all properties must be maintained in a condition such that they do not become a health or safety concern.

Rental property must also be registered with the Village Building Inspector, and the owner of rental property is responsible for maintaining the property in accordance with the above-mentioned standards. Rental property is defined as: “a dwelling where either (1) consideration in the form of money or other valuable consideration is being paid for occupying such units; or (2) a person other than the owner of the property or his/her family is occupying such unit.” We would like to have a list of the owners so we may contact them in case of an emergency or in case of maintenance issues.

Click here for the Rental Dwelling Registration.  A Rental Dwelling Inspection is required prior to initial registration:  Rental Dwelling Inspection Application. 

Please contact the Building Department for the current Vacant Dwelling Inspection and Registration Applications.

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