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Recently Passed Code Amendments

The following Ordinances passed this year and amend the current Codified Ordinances, which will not be updated until the beginning of the next calendar year.

Ordinance 2019-04 - Enacting new Section 1151.10, “Dwellings Permitting On A Lot,” of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Moreland Hills. 

Ordinance 2019-05 - Amending Section 1171.03, “Swimming Pools,” and Section 1313.13, “Building Permit Application; Issuance Restrictions; Conflict with Zoning,” of the Codified Ordinances to clarify approval procedures for swimming pools and tennis courts.

Ordinance 2019-11 (as amended) - Amending Chapter 903, “Use of Public Ways for Small Cell Wireless Facilities and Wireless Support Structures” of the Streets, Utilities, Public Services and Engineering Codes. 

Ordinance 2019-16 - Amending Section 931.06, “Connection Charges” of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Moreland Hills regarding the manner in which connection charges may be paid to the Village.

Ordinance 2019-24 - Amending Section 157.03, “Members: Terms,” of Chapter 157, “Parks Commission,” of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Moreland Hills.

Ordinance 2019-32 - Amending Sections 1343.01, 1343.04, and 1343.07 of Chapter 1343, “Point-of-Sale Inspections,” of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Moreland Hills regarding inspection and escrow procedures.

Ordinance 2019-37 -  amends Section 931.07, “Mayor to Regulate” of the Codified Ordinances regarding sewer accessibility. This change will memorialize the existence of a policy regarding sewer lateral availability and sewer accessibility.

Ordinance 2019-38 - enacts Chapter 707 “Tobacco Product Vendors; Sales to Persons Under Age 21,” of the Codified Ordinances, to prohibit sales to persons under age 21 and to provide permitting of businesses who sell tobacco products; Repeals Section 537.16 “Illegal Distribution of Cigarettes, Other Tobacco Products or Alternate Nicotine Products;”  and Approves a contract with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to administer and enforce Chapter 707. This is aimed primarily at “vaping” which is becoming increasingly frequent and problematic with teens.

Ordinance 2019-44 - amends Chapter 1363, “Rental Dwelling Registration,” of the Codified Ordinances, ending the moratorium on short-term residential rentals in the Village.

Ordinance 2019-45 - amends Section 131.02, “Clerk-Secretary,” of the Codified Ordinances to clarify the duties of the Clerk-Secretary.

Ordinance 2019-48 - enacts new Chapter 905, "Use of Public Right -of-Way by Service Providers," of the Codified Ordinances. 

Ordinance 2019-53- amends Sections 549.01, 549.12, 549.06 and 549.08 of Chapter 549, “Weapons and Explosives,” of the Codified Ordinances to conform to State Law.

Ordinance 2019-57- amends Section 901.01 "Permit Required; Fee," of Chapter 901, "Excavations" of the Codified Ordinances.

Ordinance 2019-60 - amends Section 157.03, "Members; Terms," of Chapter 157, "Parks Commission," of the Codified Ordinances.

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