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Please be advised that First Energy is aware of the current power outages because of last night's horrible storm, which created a lot of downed trees and wires. 

First Energy crews are working to evaluate and repair the damage and ask that you...

  • Treat EVERY wire as a live electrical wire even if you know it is a cable or phone wire
  • Expect power outages to continue into the evening and possibly tomorrow. Maybe longer in some severely hit areas
  • Call First Energy or use their website to get an updated ETR (estimated time for returned power).  See information below for their phone number and web address
  • Please DO NOT CONTACT VILLAGE HALL OR 911 for updates on estimated timeframes. All questions related to your power outage are best coordinated through First Energy.

The following is information from First Energy regarding Power Outages.

Reporting An Outage

If your power is out, please report it to First Energy, not the Village.  This will help them to pinpoint the damage and restore it more quickly.  You can report your outage several ways:

  • Call First Energy at 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877)
  • Visit them online at
  • Text OUT to 544487 (Lights); If you aren't enrolled, text REG to 544487 to get started.

For outage assistance and safety tips visit

Partial Restoration

In a major storm First Energy will often make temporary repairs - cutting a wire, opening a circuit, replacing a fuse - to make the area safe and to restore power to as many customers on that circuit as possible before returning to complete the work.  This helps them assess the damage and prioritize the work.  If First Energy crews leave your area to make temporary repairs elsewhere, be assured they will return to complete the work.

Restoring Your Service

  • First Energy will secure any known hazards first such as downed wires, by sending out Hazard Responders to keep the area clear.  They are NOT trained to make repairs, but to help keep the public safe until repairs can be made.
  • They give priority to hospitals, police and fire departments and other critical facilities.
  • First they repair transmission lines and substations that supply power to the local system.
  • Then they make repairs that restore the largest number of customers - this is the fastest way to restore all customers.

Customer "Call Backs"

  • In a major storm, the electrical system is often damaged in thousands of locations.  More than one repair may be needed to restore your service.
  • They will notify you once they've made repairs needed to restore your electrical service.  You can let First Energy know if you are still without power.  If so, it is often a problem with the line directly connected to your home.

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