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Serene Settings

The Village of Moreland Hills is a 7.5 square mile residential suburb located about 14 miles east of Cleveland. Here, homeowners feel like they’re in the country while having the convenience of downtown access. While population has grown over the years, the village still retains its pastoral charm. Massive trees grace sweeping green lawns, partially obscuring charming homes, both old and new.

Parks & Paths

Moreland Hills is filled with picturesque parks and easily navigable paths for both walking and bike riding. You can see many fascinating places along your travels. Hiram House Camp, located at the corner of Hiram Trail and S.O.M. Center Road, provides a beautiful, natural environment for children’s camping and other activities. Look About Lodge, located on Miles Road in the South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, was built from more than 300 chestnut logs and is used for outdoor education programs. For more information visit:

And a walk through the South Chagrin Reservation along the Chagrin River and onto the Polo Fields offers peace and tranquility. You can also see the Garfield Memorial Cabin, located near Village Hall, which commemorates the birthplace of President James A. Garfield. In 1880, James Garfield wrote in his diary about Moreland Hills: “Here I first learned the constellations and their places in the heavens. It is my Greenwhich, where all the world is exactly in its right place. Every other place shows variation more or less.”

You can begin your journey and see what Garfield so eloquently captured with the Forest Ridge Trail Map.


Tucked within its serene settings, the Village of Moreland Hills has a fascinating mix of both old and new attractive homes. Cottages were the first homes built in the ‘20s. From the ‘50s through the ‘90s, Cape-Cods, colonials, ranches, and ultra-modern style homes were developed into the handsome neighborhoods you can see today.


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