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Snow Removal Procedures



The Service Department provides snow and ice removal for all State, County, and Local roadways. Additionally, any private roadways that pay a fee may also receive this service. Crews are dispatched once the Service Director or Service Foreman receives a call from the Police Department. Since our officers are on the roads 24-7, they are best postured to determine when the roads become impassable.

For planning purposes, the Village is divided into two (2) routes; North and South.  Snowplow operators are tasked with clearing primary roadways first.  Primary roadways include SOM Center Rd., Chagrin Blvd, South Woodland Rd., Miles Rd., Jackson Rd., and Hiram Trail.  

After primary roads are considered safe for travel, snowplow operators move onto secondary streets.  These secondary streets include roadways with steep hills, dangerous curves, and intersections.

Once the primary and secondary routes are complete, snowplow operators then clear all other roadways and apply salt where needed.

When the Village experiences heavy snow events, the Service Department will gradually increase snowplow operator levels to a maximum of six operators.  When at full capacity, the routes are further broken down so that three (3) trucks can efficiently coordinate snow removal.   

Items to remember during a snowfall event:

1) Once crews are dispatched, it may take up to one (1) hour before the snowplow operators arrive at Village Hall, perform safety checks, and head out on the road.

2) It is imperative that you park in your driveway, and not the roadway.  Cars parked in the street hamper our ability to clear roadways and create safety-related issues.   

3) Keep in mind that, while it may appear that your road has not been plowed, snow can quickly cover the roadway.  Please be patient and understand that during a light snowfall it takes an operator 4.5 hours to complete their route.  During a heavy snowfall it may take longer than that.

4) During heavy snowfall, snowplow operators are often challenged by ill-advised motorists who can create delays as they get stuck on hills and create congestion on the roadways.

5) During heavy snowstorms, snowplow operators can be tasked with long shifts, sometimes throughout all hours of the day.  Service Department members are broken down into teams, so others can go home and rest while awaiting their next call-out.

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