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Wastewater Department

Wastewater Department

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The Moreland Hills Wastewater Department is dedicated to protecting the health of the residents and protecting the aquatic environment of the Chagrin Valley region. We currently accomplish this by operating and maintaining four Wastewater Purification Facilities. 

Conversion of Wastewater Purification Facilities To Lift Stations

Recently, an opportunity became available to the Village to convert three of our four Wastewater Purification Facilities to Lift Stations. This project will be accomplished by a partnership between the Village of Moreland Hills, the Village of Pepper Pike, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Chagrin Valley Engineering.

According to the plan, the wastewater from the Jackson Valley facility and from the Quail Hollow facility would be pumped to the Woodland Glen facility. Woodland Glen would in turn pump all of the flow to the Pepper Creek facility in Pepper Pike. Pepper Pike is also converting this wastewater facility to a lift station. All of the flow then would be pumped from here north along S.O.M. Center Road to the Heights Hilltop Interceptor. This is a very large sewer operated by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District that runs along Wilson Mills Road. The interceptor would carry all of the wastewater to the Sewer District’s Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant near Bratenahl for treatment.

Besides construction at the plants themselves, there will be excavation and underground drilling along some of the roads in the Village. This will be done to place the force main pipes in the ground. The drilling is done to keep the costs, disruption of traffic flow, and necessity for remediation to a minimum.

Construction Update: All underground drilling within the Village of Moreland Hills has now been completed. The construction north of the Village on SOM Center Road in Pepper Pike and Mayfield Heights has also been completed. The estimated completion date for the entire project is the summer of 2012.

Jackson Valley is hydraulically overloaded. There is way too much wastewater coming in to this plant on a daily basis for it to be treated effectively. Originally, we had planned to improve the treatment processes and expand the capacity of this plant in order to solve this problem. This new plan to convert Jackson Valley and the other two plants to lift stations eliminates that necessity.

It is likely that the Woodland Glen and Quail Hollow plants also would be required to be expanded and improved some day. This plan eliminates that eventuality as well.

Greentree is the only plant that is not slated to be converted to a lift station. It is located on the opposite side of the river from the other plants. There is no practical way to pump this flow to the other plants. Greentree is our smallest plant with a treatment capacity of 10,000 gallons per day. As the name implies, this plant serves Greentree Road, which is off of Bentleyville Road.

What these plant conversions mean to the aquatic environment of Wiley Creek and the Chagrin River is that the daily loadings from the discharges of these three plants will be removed. We expect this to have a very positive effect on these water courses.

The Village of Moreland Hills will continue to be responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the sanitary sewer system, the current six wastewater lift stations and the additional three lift stations, when constructed. We will conduct a rate study to determine how much revenue will be required for the daily operation and maintenance of our local sewer system as well as the long range needs for capital improvements. Based upon this study, we will determine new values for the semi-annual sewer assessments.

The current assessment is $500 per half per residence. Half of these monies are deposited in the Sewer Maintenance Fund. The other half go into the Sewer Capital Improvement Fund. The last rate study was conducted in the year 2000. So, there have been increases in expenses since then. However, we anticipate some lessening of expenses due to the plant conversions. This study will consider how these factors affect the overall balance of the Sewer Funds and propose adjustments accordingly.

Sanitary Sewer Collection System

The Village of Moreland Hills has a separate sanitary sewer collection system. Storm water is collected separately and conveyed directly to the receiving stream. As part of our sanitary sewer system, we operate and maintain six lift stations. They are named after the area that they serve. They are Winterberry, Falls Creek, Easton Lane, Village Hall, Cableknoll and Moreland Mews. The first five are in the Jackson Valley sanitary district, while Moreland Mews is in the Woodland Glen sanitary district.

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